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Redundancy Claims

How We
Can Help

Owl Employment can help you with redundancy claims for employees across Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England. Our employee redundancy claims for employees’ services help you if you are unsure about the justice of your dismissal for redundancy. As professionals, we can support and advise you on whether you have a valid claim and whether you should accept an offered redundancy pack.

Employee Redundancy Claims

With our experience and knowledge, you can rest assured that we can offer the right advice, no matter what your employment. Redundancy is often a fair reason for notice, but if you are unconvinced and unhappy, we can give you our assistance on your available legal rights. We understand that you may feel anxious about the upcoming proceedings, but we can give you peace of mind if there any issues with your employer’s redundancy procedure.

Our straightforward methods when it comes to redundancy claims for employees is something of which we are very proud. If your employer’s method can be challenged legally, we can help you contest the decision. Our reassuring and essential services will help you step by step through the legal position that you find yourself in. We are here to help you, because at Owl Employment, you are our main priority.