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Contract Claims

How We
Can Help

Here at Owl Employment, we are are contractual and obligation specialists and can help any client who believes that their contract may have been broken or where an employer does not follow a term of contract. Serving Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the North-West of England, our employment law advisers are on hand to if you wish to raise a grievance with your employer regarding the potential breach of your contract, or wish to take the matter further.

Resolving Your Contract Dispute Claims

Disciplinary Meeting

Your Contract Dispute Claims

Contract dispute claims can be raised if you believe that your employer is not following the contract, for example: –

  • Non-payment of wages
  • Non-payment of travel expenses
  • Non-payment of holiday pay
  • Non-payment of contractual sick pay
  • Non-payment within your notice period
  • Non-payment in lieu of notice
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Not following correct disciplinary procedure

We are here to assist

We are there for you if you think it is impossible to carry on working for your employer regarding contract dispute claims. We can help employees with every step in the process, from how to resign through raising a grievance up to and including an employment tribunal. You can have peace of mind with our services as we work on a no claim no fee basis for the claim preparation and representation costs are fixed.